Thursday, February 16, 2017

Teaser for Book #1 of the Leviathans Series: Eccentric Daughter

I hope that everyone has had a lovely Valentine's Day!  This year has already hit ninety degrees (Fahrenheit), but the rain we received recently was cool--until we learned it leaked into my mother-in-law's room and right down into her bed!  Aye!  No!

That aside, the writing is going great, and since it has been so long since I have updated, here is a bit of a snippet from the latest chapter of Eccentric Daughter, the first installment of my Leviathans series!  I hope it drums up some brain drool for the story I'll be serving you in the future:

"But what are they?"  Mark set down the knife he was sharpening and reached for the stone Nails had returned to the table.

"Keep yer grubby hands off 'em, boy," said Nails.  "Yeh can ask questions.  But yer eyes aren't learned enough to discern what they are, and yer greasy fingers better not touch 'em."

"My eyes know what they see, you fat old, plunky senile.  And my fingers are clean."  Mark plucked the stone from the table, and then he kicked Nails's groaning chair out from under him when the old man's hairy upper lip quivered at him.  There was a great crash, and curses billowed upward on a plume of fat, flailing limbs.

Nails roared as he folded up his spectacles, placed them carefully upon the table, and drew an axe.  "Why, yeh ungrateful whelp!  I'll show yeh, to kick a chair out from unner yer elder--"

Jeana placed a delicate hand upon Nails's shoulder as he wiped the spittle from his fat, bloodless lips.  His head turned wildly, and he took another breath to shout another curse when he realized it was small, frail Jeana who'd reached out to calm him.  Her kind expression shook the old man from his wrath.  "Eh...sorry, sorry.  My son irks me, is all.  Just like his mamman.  No manners, him."

Her thin brow arched humorously, a razor thin line of auburn beneath loose, chin-length locks.  She cocked her head ever so slightly.  "Ttt-tt-tt."  She wagged a finger at him as she clicked her tongue, then pointed to his son.  She nodded with her chin determinedly with an expression John knew to brook no argument.

Nails scratched at his wooly scalp.  "Aww, come now, Jeana, don't make me apologize to my mannerless boy."

Her brow rose higher.  John chuckled under his breath as he leaned to pick up the chair and st it back at the table.  It was bent at an odd angle, but even as it sat on three off its four legs he did not doubt that Nails's weight would press that last leg back down.  "My wife is fierce when it comes to teaching children.  'Do as you want them to do,' she says," said John.

"Are yeh saying I am a rude, mannerless man?" Nails blubbered, his eyes wide and round.  "But I wash my hands, and I respect my elders, John.  Even if most of 'em are dead.  And I don't talk with my mouth full.  Why, I even say please and thankuns!  Mark, here, does none of it!  Yer lucky not to have him shovin' live turkeys in his gullet like a mad dog, or spittin' in yer coffee when yer not lookin'.  He does mine, that boy!"

Now...I would add some more, but I don't want to ruin what the scene is actually about!  I just thought this small bit of humor might be the perfect excerpt teaser.

I hope you enjoyed it!