Monday, June 9, 2014

Things You Should Never do in a Vehicle

There are many things you should never do in a vehicle.  On a motorcycle, that includes smiling.  Here are the other things:

You should never drink while someone else is driving on a bumpy road.  This is deadly, and you will choke to death.  I promise you, the driver will go over every damned bump in the road on purpose.

Never offer a cop a beer or a doughnut.  He will eat the doughnut but arrest you for the beer.

Never flip off a cop.

Do not SEXT while you drive.  This is worse than texting, or calling, or doing both at the same time while smoking and putting on makeup.

Do not drive without your lights because you think it will hide you from a cop.

Don't let a monkey ride with you.

Or a parrot.  Their beaks are sharp.  They also poop without regard for new leather.

Don't pick your nose, either.  One good bump will give you a bloody nose...or brain damage.

Do NOT, whatever you do, lean over to spit a loogie out the window.  It will fly back and hit you in the face.

Do not let a dog ride in the car without poop breaks.  He will seriously take a dump in the seat and then stare at you because it is your fault.

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  1. Haha these are good and valid point to jave while driving. Funny but very true ^_^

  2. I hope I can think of more to add later.