Monday, March 14, 2016

What Practice Dictation Sessions Look Like when Transcribed

I did more practice dictation while doing dishes today, while I was cleaning my kitchen and cooking dinner. It saved me time because I was doing my first draft while my hands were free to do chores. (Lots of banging sounds.) It was kind of fun, and exciting because it freed time. (More crashing noises occur, and then I stutter when I try to speak.) I had to hit the pause button because I was dropping pans. The hooks on which I hang our pans were overfilled. I was near cursing. The pans fell twice as I cradled the phone in my hand and leaned over the dish rack and piles of clothes, and I ended with, “This whole post is now ironic.”

My husband laughed his ass off at me when he heard this.

But practice makes...better?  Kind of...

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