Wednesday, October 12, 2016

Q & A Game!

Apparently there is a fun little writer / blogger game being sent about.  I like it!  I was tagged recently by the brilliant Julius Bailey, author of Strife of the Mighty (epic awesome book right there).  The rules to the game are basic:

Tag the blogger / writer who has nominated you.
Answer the questions you are given.
Nominate 10 more bloggers (or in my case, Wattpadders).
Let them know via personal message or twitter (or what have you) that they have been tagged.

As you know, I like to give crazy answers, so prepare to laugh a little.  Or to roll your eyes a lot.  Or to arch your eyebrow, if you’re even more deadpan than that. (I can only hope you are not in the middle of trying to take a drink.  Set that bottle down!  You have been forewarned.)
This was quite fun to participate in, by the way.


1: What is your favorite drink?
I nominate drinkable substances that do not result in any sort of perilous, mind-splintering hangover, or new holes in my intestinal lining, please—or lost time.  Lost time is also bad.  That will be my favorite drink, lol.  (Unless it tastes like prune juice.)  What?  I have to actually pick just one?  Aww, come on.  Give a girl a break.  This creature says Orange Mango Tea, from Wendy’s.  (Try it!  Be like meeeeee.) 
But, once upon a year, my favorite was Mountain Dew, because it had been forbidden—because I had broken the law to get to it.  I dove right in, and emerged a caffeinated monster—from which all ran in terror.  Unless their heads first exploded in shame!  Haha.
Seriously, though.  That Orange Mango Tea, man.  Mmmm-hmmm.  Caffeine no longer affects me, so I’ve gotta have something real to fall back on.

2: What is your least favorite book?

My least favorite book is that one book that was written—and edited—by that one dyslexic blind guy.  The guy with nerve damage in his fingers--You know.  That guy who can’t talk.  (Hahaha…So how did he manage that book?  As a great friend from across the seas once said, “Thoughts, thoughtsies, thoughts.”) 
So if I must pick an actual book, then my worst enemy, who has pursued me for years, who has haunted me…I don’t have a least favorite.  I’m innocent, I tell you!  (And so I whisper in my most dramatic voice, and the title is drawled, and stretched, and haunting, “Anna Karenina...”)
Yeah, so I only picked that one up to get reading points when I was fifteen years old—It.  Was.  Literally.  Torture.  TORTURE!!!
Wait…I was supposed to be whispering that in the parenthesis.  Oops.

3: What's the longest distance you've ever traveled on foot?

I want to say nine millimeters, but that is so totally fraudulent.  Eight.  It was eight grueling centimeters.
No, honestly, I have no clue.  In one day, about 20 miles.  Maybe a lot more, I’m not sure.  I just know I walked for a LONG time.  Nighttime, too.  Was scared out of my wits, but absolutely determined to save my writing.  What would you do to save your writing? 
I remember imagining Big Foot—I’m sorry, Sasquatch?—in the trees.  Since then I’ve had a few nightmares about the trees being trolls getting up out of the ground and toppling the houses because the lumberjacks chopped down one of their tree-troll babies.  O.o  Wow.  Great story!
That night, I also imagined wolves getting me, too.  Scary, scary.  Too cold for snakes, even if that is just a myth.  I just know I wasn’t afraid of snakes because it was cold.  There was snow on the ground.  I wasn’t wearing a coat.  My answers are getting choppy and short.  Am I developing brain damage at this memory?  Next question!

4: If you could own one of the Bat Mobiles from any one of the live-action Batman movies, which one would you choose?
Oh, this question.  This question!  If I were hypothetically to come into possession of such a beast one day, I would be equally drawn to two different designs.  I love the Tumbler from The Dark Knight / The Dark Knight Rises.  I also love that classic, finned sleek that has been updated with modern military armor--the one from Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice.  Those two get my tech-giggles bubbling.  That’s where the geek in me comes out.  The rest of the time, it’s just the nerd that you might meet.  Sometimes bashful, usually nervous / excited, half the time walking around like a zombie because I didn’t sleep as much as I should have the night before because life is amazing and this sentence is completely the opposite of the last one on the last paragraph of the question before because this single sentence has literally wasted a year of my life.  Next question again!  (Air!!!)

5: Would you rather be chased by human eating snakes or human eating spiders?

WHY????  (Hahaha!)  This question is horrible, how dare you!  (Julius.  You totally did this to us knowing fully of the horror we live through as we imagine this happening as we read this.  Ha! I forgive you, Buddy.  I’d do worse.  Muhahaha.)  Anyway, I believe human-eating snakes are easier to deal with.  Build my trap, let their scent glands guide them toward me, and as they get close—BAM!  Mouse-trap action—but for a snake.  And I can sell that skin for lots and lots of money, too.  Or make a house out of it.  Or a tent.  A giant circus tent could be so fun!
Spiders?  Hey, now.  Spiders climb.  Screw that.  I would just save them the trouble and drown myself, lol.  Be it dirt, cloth, or water.  I will find something that can drown me, rather than get chased by man-eating spiders.
However?  There is one kind of spider can I tolerate near me.  That tiny, tiny fuzzy black spider with the white dots?  They’re cute!  They jump, and they catch flies, and they raise their big, fat, stubby front legs and crab-walk sideways and backwards, and they even stare at you all scared like…So cute!!!  I let them crawl on me without a problem.
But the rest can die under the fiery lens of my vengeful magnifying glass and / or flame thrower and / or flaming samurai sword.  I WILL climb the house like a monkey to get away from any other spider if it touches me—screeching all the while.
The only thing worse than that is being chased with a dead gar.  A family member did that to me.  I still have a small scar where the teeth cut me.  I hate their teeth!

6: Would you rather have awesome kung fu skills, or awesome light saber skills (with a saber included)?

By Kung Fu skills, are we speaking Enter the Dragon because it’s magical and can outdo any Jedi stuff?  Or Jet Li movie stuff but without effects?  Jackie Chan movie stuff (with or without effects because he is so funny)?  Or classic training, like Bruce Lee?  I’ll still take light saber, thanks!  My own fiery tool of destruction?  Yes, please!  I am totally a pyro!!!  Fiiirre pretttttyyyyyy
(Psst.  There is no easy out: I will still have to train in order to hone my instincts.)
Although, technically, if you’re going with Kung Fu, and if the saber-wielder sucks, you can take the saber for yourself.  You’re already trained to fight with or without weapons.  A saber would be no problem.
Or maybe you’re a Kung Fu master who has built your own saber?  Mmmmm.  Happy face forming?

7: If you had to be stranded fifty miles out in either a desert, the ocean, or the north or south pole, which would you choose?

Ocean.  If you’re gonna make it, it’ll happen quickly.  If you’re gonna die, at least it will be quickly. (I float, muhaha.)  Seriously.  Fifty miles stranded is not bad.  Better than hundreds of miles.  Try until you can try no more.  This is an ironic choice, considering the fact that I am deathly terrified of deep water, where waves get taller than eight inches, or where I can neither see nor touch the bottom.  Ha!  But I know myself.  I can do anything I put my mind to.  Conquering phobias and all!
My second choice is desert.  I would travel in the hours between night and day.  Burrow into the sand during the beginning of the day in order to get away from the hottest part of the sun and coldest part of the night.  Eat any bug or lizard or whatnot, and drink / eat of the cacti that I cross.  If I’m lucky enough to be stranded some place with cacti.  Plus, there is the added bonus of finding water.
Should have specified which ocean and which desert.  And which area of the north or south poles.  Some places are not as dangerous as others.
I can see the worst and the best.  (Pretending to laugh out loud).

8: What do you consider to be your greatest skill?

Couch potato.  Wasting time. Oh, my!  No!  It’s losing things!!!  Wait, those are flaws. (I am shrugging mentally because for me, those are practically the same thing).  Hmmm.
Understanding what makes people tick.  That is my greatest skill.
My best friend in high school thought I was psychic because of it.  It’s just a natural skill, reminding myself to take a step back from some situation and consider why.  To get into others’ heads to understand where they come from and who they are—even if I’ve only interacted with them or heard of them just a few times.  That’s all I usually need to get a look into their soul.
Looking into my own self is also a part of this.  That’s where a lot of people fail.  It’s important to remember to examine yourself.  To know when you are innocent, at fault, and prepare a way for yourself to do better.
Thankfully, this skill goes right into my writing.  I love how well it compliments my life-long passion!

9: What's your dream job?

I already have my dream jobs—even dream jobs have their own drama, believe me.  Even the best jobs are tainted by raw interactions sometimes, or self-doubt.  Cake decorating feeds my artistic color-craving side.  Writing makes my soul feel whole.  Fills in the gaps.

10: What did you think of Batman vs Superman: Dawn of Justice?

One-Word Cave Girl Response: Love!

Random Realization: You would think my books would be as funny as my blog stuff gets.  But it is exactly the opposite.  How strange.


I nominate for this challenge (from Wattpad, does that count?):


1: If you lost both hands in an accident—and there were no digital devices left with which to dictate-- which foot would you choose to write with, and why?

2: You have three massive fire-breathing dragons that can fly: What do you do with them?

3: You are twelve, and you are starving, and you have just been adopted by a cannibal chief.  Do you dare to try to escape?  Or eat what they offer you?

4: Sweet tea?  Or unsweet?

5: You have just inherited one million dollars.  What will you do with it?

6: You’ve been bitten by a radioactive rat and develop super powers.  What do you call yourself, and what is your power?

7: You have crash landed onto an island filled with zombie ninjas.  How do you get home?

8: Who is your favorite author?

9: How long is the longest poem you’ve ever written or read?

10: Do you like unicorns, too?


And Just because I thought of this afterward, I will add one more:

11: If you could have a game like Pokemon Go made out of any story or movie you love, which one would it be?  (Mine would be Harry Potter or Underworld, lol!  I would totally battle some lycans and vampires, or some Death Eaters!)


  1. 'Eight grueling centimeters.' Hahahahaha!! (You really walked 20 miles?!)
    'Spiders climb.' Ha! Indeed they do. But the Black Mamba snake from Africa can slither at speeds reaching 12 mph.

    Eh, you might die quite slowly drifting in the wide, wide ocean. The current might take you on out to one hundred miles. And it'll actually take you over a week (or two, I forget which) to starve to death. Starving (if that's the word) from lack of water will happen a bit quicker.

    Love the answers!

    1. Great Googaly-Moogalies! 12 miles per hour?! I shall run, run, fast as I can! (Which will only last 3 minutes and 26 seconds at the moment. I'm working on that. Gym membership, lol....But I'm also a couch potato, so that might never improve.)

      Won't be slow if I'm too tired to keep trying to swim. And I'd die of thirst first. Salt water. Not drinkable. :(