Thursday, February 16, 2017

Don't Doubt Your Writing Instincts

I haven't written a thing for my blog in a while because I've been crushing my brain with self-doubt and worry.  Writers, the worst thing you can do in your craft is question your motives for writing and use that to doubt yourself or your abilities.  Just don't do it!

I've been struggling with the fact that my first novel Eccentric Daughter is turning out to be much bigger than planned.  But I seem to be doing something else right despite that fact.  Why?  Because I've reread it ten times now.  And every time I read the book, it sucks me in and then I get excited to edit and write some new material.  The work-in-progress is conforming to my pre-made plot, but jeeze.  My creative side keeps fighting the plot I laid out!

I suppose that's where I'm having the most trouble: Conform to my own executive decisions.  (Haha!)

Anyway, Nymeria's one heck of a unique child character in my book.  I also love her family and the people around her.  I hope the drama catches you guys when it's published.  (Blizzards and horrible, post-apocalyptic, child-eating cults aside.  Yikes!)

So far, I've got about 46,000 words in.  I'll likely cut half of the finished book for commercial purposes because it'll be far beyond 46,000 at that point.  For now, I will give you another tip: If you are prone to overwrite and overthink, don't change that.  Do that in your first draft, as I have decided to do in mine from now on.  I have discovered that when I ignore the aim for smaller word counts, suddenly everything gets easier.  There is less worry.  There is less trouble with outline conformity.

Don't worry about the word count.  Keep track of it only to see that you are making progress, and to try to prod yourself to hit a certain weekly goal.  (If I don't meet my mark by a certain date, I have to pay my husband $100 that he can use on literally whatever he wants.  Yep.  An OUCH factor for my wallet is a good boost to get my butt off the to speak, haha.)  If you fail your certain goal, there really isn't any worry.  If you succeed?  HOORAY!

Your main focus should always be to enjoy yourself.  Enjoy your story.  Figure out all of the kinks and the twists, and make the words beautiful.  Later you will worry about the word count.

Tell me a little about your stories, and the kinds of struggles you have had in finishing them.  I enjoy hearing about others' journeys.


  1. Heh. One of the main troubles I had in finishing the first draft of Strife of the Mighty was filling it out sufficiently in order to make it the novel I wanted it to be. Seems a little silly when I look back (but only a little).

    I imagine, with that kind of incentive, your husband doesn't mind you missing your writing goal every now and then!

  2. Haha, yeah. He just doesnt like it when I lock myself away in another room and tell him not to even whisper my name through the door.....soon as i start to concentrate and figure out what i am gonna write next, guess what happens? "Cinthia....! Haha, guess what i just saw on TV, heard on (blah blah blah)..." Noooooo! Like a kid, haha!

    Hiwever, he loves that I love to write, and he is equally enthralled with the story I am trying to finish. He tells other people about it a lot.

  3. Julius, your first book is incredible. Just remember how much you doubted yourself then, versus how much of a success it is now--how much we, your fans, love it! That'll help boost your confidence every time. It helps me when I look over old comments on the crappy version of my story, the one I still have on Wattpad.

    And remember that every book gets better. Every single one.