Sunday, January 14, 2018

Getting Back in the Game

Now that the extensive training is out of the way at my new job, I am looking forward to being able to focus on some fun things again.  I've missed blogging, and writing, and sleep, and people!  I'm ready for my next step, which means getting back on track and letting go of the anxiety of having soooo much left undone.

Who should let themselves become anxious over the things they love anyway?  It's just fun things to do!  Building custom shelves, writing, art commissions, concept designs for possible games, etc.  It's wonderful!

My New Years' Resolution is currently underway, and I predict this will be my biggest, most eventful ear yet.  I'm planning vacations, reclusive art and writing trips, some epic new business adventures, and a whole lode of self-improvement projects!

I'm embracing my To Do Lists and getting my assets in order!

If you're ever feeling overwhelmed, don't fret.  I promise you can overcome this.  Plan for success and reach for the sky, and welcome life with wide open, excited arms.  Don't give fear and self-doubt  any time to form in your head.  As soon as you feel it, get up and do something impulsive, or do something on your list.  Embrace your next step.

And most of all, forgive any failures in favor of seeing the progress you have made.

Me?  I'm about to start delving into my 1st book again, rewriting the entire thing.  I'm also tinkering with some concepts for a board game based off of part of the story I am writing.  I am enjoying my new job, looking forward to becoming a self published author, and I intend to illustrate my own novels.  I have a lot to both hone and share, and though I don't claim to know everything, I do have my own way of doing things that streamlines and organizes my own processes in a fun and beautiful way.  I love color coding and themes, and I love seeing everything organized!

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