Sunday, January 14, 2018

Getting Back in the Game

Now that my job training is out of the way, I’m looking forward to being able to focus on fun things again.  I’ve missed blogging, and writing, and sleep, and people!  I’m ready for my next step forward.  Which means getting back on track, and even letting go of the anxiety of having soooooooooo much left undone.  Who cares, anyway, right?  It’s just fun things to do!  Building custom shelves, writing, art commissions, game design, etc.  It's great!
My New Years Resolution is currently under way, and I predict this will be my biggest, most eventful year yet.  I’m planning vacations, reclusive art and writing trips, some epic new business ventures, and a whole lode of self-improvement projects!  I’m embracing my To-Do lists and getting my assets in order!

If any of you are struggling with feeling overwhelmed, don’t fret, I promise you can overcome it.  Love yourself, forgive any failures, embrace your next step, over-love the things you love, and welcome life with open, excited arms.  That’s the best tip ever for getting through rough times, to keep yourself from tripping and falling face-first into a pool of self doubt and worry.  Hopefully this year will bring as much excitement as it can for some of your own projects, too!

Me?  I’m about to start delving into my first book again, and I’m ALSO designing my first board game…which based on part of a story I am writing.  I’m looking forward to becoming a self-published author, I am enjoying my job, and I will be a do-it-yourselfer illustrator.  I have so many skills to develop, hone, and share.

As they say, “The journey of a thousand miles begins with one step.”  (And then one more.  And then another.  So always get excited about what’s ahead, and celebrate the accomplishments behind you.)

It is far too easy to get caught up in frustration and overwhelmed when there is a lot to do, but keep your head up.  The chaos will end and leave beautiful new opportunities in your life!

I wish you a wonderful New Year, as I will be doing the same….with my handy dandy new drawing tablet, and the 27” QHD Cintiq that I’ll be ordering in a couple of months.  (Oh, my goodness!!!)

May technology serve you rather than make your head spin!


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