Monday, June 10, 2019

June 2019 Blog

Progress has been slow-going, but I am definitely seeing it.

So far this year I have completed the designs for my publishing company's logo, updated my media banners across most of the social media outlets I am on, and other important items for Brand Design.

I've created a board for business steps I need to complete, and one by one I am checking them off.

I researched a bit about free video editing software and created a YouTube channel to be able to connect better and develop my professional ability, and I'm very excited about my main project!

My first book is in its final quarter of the first draft at last...It's much too big to be published as a single book, so it'll be broken down into two novels.  This is something that can happen if you tend to overplot or overwrite the first draft and use multiple POVs.  I am currently at the most exciting part of the book, writing the crisis point.  And I think I may be getting the hang of writing less words per chapter--that's always been difficult for me.

In another year the plans to pay off our house should come to fruition, so we'll be able to have more financial freedom and make a lot more time for the things we enjoy and want to work toward.

That means all of this will speed up.  I'll begin creating books and art more quickly, I'll get the rest of the business in order, and I'll start working on my help videos on YouTube for aspiring artist/writer entrepreneurs.

I've considered also bringing back my old writers' book club.  But that will be a decision for another day.

In the meantime, I've gotten pretty heavily into planning, and I adore the amount of sticky notes I've got.  I've a few plans in the concept stage there, too.

Anyway, I wish you luck on your own projects!  May the rest of the year be fruitful!

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