Tuesday, June 18, 2019

June 2019 Planner Vlog

I decided I wanted to share how I utilize my Business Projects arc rings bound Happy Planner, since it’s really starting to feel streamlined and simplified.  Gone are the days of shading completed items for ten minutes at a time, marking lines through finished projects only to end up with dizzy eyeballs and eye strain, and wasting ink shading entire columns of white space to ensure I saw quickly that a whole page or section was complete!  Argh!

From square sticky notes on completed days to block the extra visual “noise”, to transparent, colored page markers to reveal important, movable dates/appointments without marking up a beautiful, crisp, white page—to newer methods of carrying over unfinished items, I’ve definitely improved at this.

I use colored pens to code my projects, and I’ve begun to use small bullet journal symbols to trick my brain into thinking I’ve got less to do than what’s really waiting to be dumped onto the paper.

And marking things off has gotten a whole lot easier using the gray Super Tips Crayola broad tip marker, and/or the mid gray Zebra Zipangu Select mildliners I’ve bought.  Best yet, because of this gray marker mark-it-off-as-done method, I can still see almost every color very vividly while avoiding confusion over whether I meant to underline something, or if I meant to cross it off, or what color code the item was before.  (And the page looks neater when I’m finished!)

I’ve added a few pages to my Happy Planner that don’t typically come with them, and I mentioned a few tips on how to keep the edges of the paper from fraying or bending over a longer period of time, as well as how to get those reusable pages that don’t get all marked up and gross.  And I even make my own custom lined sticky notes for multiple uses—from documenting character arcs for every chapter, to writing chapter names, to making To Do lists, etc.  I’m excited how the process will change over time!

And I haven’t even covered my other Happy Planner!  (You do get a glimpse of the crazy, though!)

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