Senna Crow

Always Obsess, Always Inspire

My real name is Cinthia McCracken, but I write paranormal dystopian fantasy under the pen name Senna Crow. (It's easier to spell and remember.)


I began writing seriously after I had a nightmare about vampires when I was fourteen, and I'd worked toward being an author / illustrator every since. Hard work makes dreams come true!

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I love writing stories that connect with people on a visceral and heart-wrenching level. My goal in fiction is not just to make the story real, but to make it hurt, heal, inspire, and challenge. We get to know our true selves when we see both the worst and the best of ourselves, and I love to provoke the most intense What If? To cause us to ask ourselves:


What if this happened to me?


Aside from fiction, I am an avid planner and organizer of things, and I am a silly, awkward person who means the best and isn't always the brightest.

Below, you'll find the books I've written. Also, I sell art prints and book marks! And keep your eye out for news updates on my blog and site by following me on twitter or joining my facebook page.

A Leviathans Novel

09.09.2020 The Violet Curse Book Cover D

A supernatural explosion of violet-colored light nearly destroys a corrupt city called Five Tower. In the aftermath, a child with unusual green eyes is found in the glassy black crater that is left behind. "She is not human," warns a member of the city guard. "She cannot be."

But the Black Temple doctor John Ivan refuses to believe in paranormal forces, and he saves the girl who later becomes his daughter . . . 

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The Violet Curse