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Awaiting cover reveals and release dates, the first two books in the series are in progress!  A few more months!!!

This distopian YA fantasy series has a unique world and high family and paranormal drama.  For those who love epic adventures and a touch of horror mixed with magic, this series will be a good read.  More information on the series and its progress can be found on the Leviathans Fan Page...

Cover Reveals and Release Dates for new books and art will be published on the Biz Blog.

Need help developing your skills, or just need to brush up on some tips when you are having writers' block?  I use these techniques everyday when I write, right from my own store of private writer's cheat sheets.

Also included are posts on creating query letters, synopses, pitches, and more.  These pages will help you to focus your writing and increase your chances of getting published the traditional route.

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