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Disclaimers and Policies of 7Bloodfire, LLC and Cinthia McCracken
1. Copyrights

All rights reserved. Except as permitted under the U.S. Copyright Act of 1976, no part of the illustrations, programs, documents, digital products, videos, or books owned or published by 7Bloodfire Art and Story (an imprint of 7Bloodfire, LLC) and / or Cinthia McCracken or contracted authors may be reproduced, distributed, or transmitted in any form or by any means, or stored in a database retrieval system, without prior written permission of the publisher and / or Cinthia McCracken. Fair Use (according to the Copyright Act of 1976) allows criticism, comment, educational / informational discussion, research, short non-spoiler excerpts that are not a key component to the entire work, and news reporting.

2. Confidentiality

Emails exchanged for newsletter signups or other specified reasons will remain confidential and will not be spammed with content unrelated to the newsletters’ (or the specified signups’) defined purposes. Any emails sent by 7Bloodfire, LLC and/or Cinthia MCracken will be strictly confidential communication to and solely for the use of the recipient and may not be reproduced or circulated without 7Bloodfire, LLC’s and/or Cinthia McCracken’s prior written consent. If you receive one of these emails/communications and are not the intended recipient, you may not disclose or use the information in the documentation in any way.  The information is not intended as an offer or solicitation with respect to the purchase or sale of any security.

3. Privacy

It is Cinthia McCracken’s and 7Bloodfire, LLC’s policy to respect your privacy and the confidentiality of any of the information you give to us or that we collect from you. We will only collect and use your data where we have lawful grounds to do so, including to comply with any legal obligations; when we are performing a contract for our services or yours; and when your interests and rights do not override our legitimate interests. This policy is effective per the "Last Updated" section (section 9 below) and will be reviewed periodically. Be sure to check the disclaimer page for updates. The ways we collect data include, but is not limited to, when you sign up for newsletters – which includes your email address and first name – and when you become a member of the website; as well as any blog pages you post on We do not sell your private, legally protected information or otherwise offer it for bartering purposes. We also do not share your information or data with others except as permitted by applicable law or where necessary to allow third parties to provide services or functions on our behalf (or on your behalf) and who require the information to provide those specific services to us or to you. These third parties include social media platforms for the purpose of targeted audience generation and analysis and improvement of our marketing and communications with prospective customers and audiences. We have implemented security policies and technical measures to safeguard any personal data we collect, including safeguards for physical, electronic, and procedural safeguards that comply with applicable law. This includes GDPR. Our intention is to safeguard personal data from accidental loss, destruction, damage, or unauthorized access, use, and disclosure. We review the personal data we have obtained periodically and delete what is no longer necessary, or make that information anonymous. Our audiences are intended to be adults, and we do not knowingly collect any personal data relating to children under 15 years old. We ask that those who are 15 or under do not provide us with any personal information or data, which includes but is not limited to your email address. You may withdraw any consent you have given to us to the processing of your personal data via written or oral communications with 7Bloodfire, LLC or Cinthia McCracken, but know that we will continue to collect and analyze personal data until we have seen, acknowledged, and taken steps to remove your information from our systems and/or databases. We also collect data when you visit our website (including but not limited to browser type and the name of your service provider). We may also collect data via website cookies. Your data will be used mainly to process your use of our website, respond to your interactions, deliver opt-in communications relevant to what you have signed up for (newsletters, updates, and so forth), and to improve our services and website through analysis of collected information.

4. Cookies

We use cookies for various reasons. These cookies can be disabled, but disabling them may cause functionality issues on this site. We recommend you leave all cookies enabled whether you need them or not, just in case they are used to provide a service that you use when visiting this website. Cookies may be used to auto-fill fields for members pages, to show that you’ve already signed up for a newsletter, or when you post or comment on certain pages. This site uses Google Analytics to help us to figure out how to improve your experience, and cookies may track things such as the time you spend on the site and its pages as well as what content is most engaging. We periodically test new features, and these cookies will allow us to continue to optimize the site. If you link a social media account, these cookies may help us to create content based on what you like or dislike so that you get content you prefer rather than content you do not want. Social media buttons and/or plugins will allow you to interact across your own social media as well as our site in various ways, which may be tracked by cookies in order to help us to deliver content you enjoy. Social media sites whose buttons and/or plugins are connected to our site may have their own cookies. Those social media sites will have their own cookies policies, but generally the purpose is usually to help them to improve user experience. Make sure to read their privacy policies and their policies for cookies.

5. Liability

By using any programs, information, services, and/or documents [defined as “Products” for this disclaimer’s purposes] developed by 7BLoodfire, LLC and / or Cinthia McCracken, you agree not to hold 7Bloodfire, LLC and / or Cinthia McCracken liable for any loss of information or loss of protection of data in connection to use of said Products. Most of the Products developed by 7BLoodfire, LLC and / or Cinthia McCracken do not use macros or VBA coding in order to limit possible security threats and protect customers. Products that do use macros or VBA coding will mention the use of said macros or VBA coding in the disclaimer on the Products’ listings as well as within the Products’ page(s). 7Bloodfire, LLC and / or Cinthia McCracken do not make any sort of representations or warranties (express or implied) as to the operation of the Products unless otherwise specified in writing. By using these Products, you expressly agree that your use of the Products is at your sole risk. 7Bloodfire, LLC and/or Cinthia McCracken disclaim(s) all guarantees implying or stating that the Products made available to you are free of viruses or other harmful components, though 7Bloodfire, LLC and/or Cinthia McCracken has/have attempted to limit possible corruption of said Products. 7Bloodfire, LLC and / or Cinthia McCracken will not be liable for any damages of any kind arising from the use of any Products unless otherwise specified in writing. Information contained within or about the Products is not intended as legal or financial advice and is only intended for entertainment, organizational, and inspirational purposes. Any reliance you place on the Products for legal or financial advice or guidance is therefore strictly at your own risk.

6. Payments and Tax Disclaimer

Items sold online and in person by 7Bloodfire, LLC and/or Cinthia McCracken will include sales tax to be remitted to State and Federal tax agencies. For policies and data regarding payments issued through my Wix website, here is Wix's disclaimers/policies: Wix Payments Terms of Service |  For extra information and policies and data regarding payments issued through my Square store (located on's websites), through my Etsy shop, or through Paypal, see those sites' policies and disclaimers for extra information regarding how they process payments, use cookies, and more.

7. Affiliate Links

Some of the links on this site are affiliate links. This means that at no cost to you, I will earn a commission if you click through and make a purchase. Most of the affiliate links on my site are for my books, art, merch, and services and, at no cost to you, will allow me to continue to create products and content to entertain and inspire others.

8. Books

Regarding fiction books written by Cinthia McCracken (including various pen names such as but not limited to “Senna Crow”): Any similarity to real persons, living or dead, is coincidental and not intended by the author. Any locations, events, or organizations which are included in these books are used fictitiously and not intended to be taken otherwise. Names, characters, and places are products of the author’s imagination. 7Bloodfire Art and Story, an imprint of 7Bloodfire, LLC is the publisher and accepts responsibility for publication and distribution of written and artistic works published through it by Cinthia McCracken. Repsonsibility and liability regarding works published and distributed through 7Bloodfire Art and Story for other authors and artists will be specified on a per contract basis.

9. Last Updated

Last updated 11/1/23.

10. Licensing

Fonts used on and in products I sell are licensed through Adobe Creative Cloud. My subscription to Adobe fonts ( is renewed periodically. Read Adobe's policies and disclaimers for more detailed information. To purchase and resale an item with Adobe's fonts, you too must have licensing rights for those fonts, whether it is through Adobe or through the creators of said fonts. My products are not intended for resale as your own. You must acquire prior written permission AND have the licensing rights for any fonts in order to sell products using those fonts.

Some of the images used on and in products I share or sell are from Canva (I do not used any Canva Pro items on products I share or sell). Read Canva's policies to understand the usage rights.

11. Gift Cards / Gift Certificates

This policy / disclaimer refers to Oklahoma House Bill 1986, the Gift Certificate and Gift Card Disclosure Act, which took effect November 1, 2005. This policy applies only to gift cards and gift certificates sold by 7Bloodfire, LLC and / or Cinthia McCracken, where those certificates or gift cards are usable to purchase goods or services through [7Bloodfire, LLC, 7Bloodfire, LLC's subsidiaries, and / or Cinthia McCracken], and where those purchases are on a prepaid basis in exchange for payment.

Gift cards are set to expire 60 months (5 years) after the date of purchase, EXCEPT for the following reasons, where the expiration date does not apply: 1) gift cards issued pursuant to an awards, loyalty or promotional program when given without any consideration, and 2) gift cards that are sold below face value to employers or to non-profit organizations for fundraising purposes.

In the event of bankruptcy (where the law requires), the gift card or gift certificate shall remain redeemable, wherein we will honor the gift card or gift certificate. Unless otherwise required by law, we will not be obligated to 1) redeem a gift certificate or gift card for cash; 2) replace a gift certificate or gift card that has been stolen, lost, or damaged so that its terms or expiration date are unreadable (especially in the case where there is no receipt, invoice, or other data proving the purchase was within the 60-month limit); 3) or maintain a separate account for the funds used to purchase the gift certificate or gift card. We have no obligation to pay interest on the value of the gift certificate or gift card (unless otherwise provided by law).

12. . . .

Pending extra policies and disclaimers.

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Disclaimers & Policies

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