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This DIGITAL PRODUCT (pdf) Includes a link to a template with four pages to help writers organize and track social media growth and goals. The tool lets you know how long it's been since you last rebranded and and utilizes pre-made tags to help you organize your task list by social media type.


You can easily flag Focus items to view them separately to reduce overwhelm and improve which media platforms you are currently focusing on.


Automated calculation for time-related columns, using already-written formulas.


The four pages include:

1) ⭕ Media Growth Core System Page
2) 🍵 Intentions Page
3) 🍥 Resoclutions Page
4) ⏲️Social Media Growth database page


Use the Intentions and Resolutions pages for everything from Social Media Gorwth goals, projects, and tasks, to personal or other biz goals.


Includes an internal archive page for older items you don't want to delete.

Automated Social Media Growth Template [Notion]

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