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2023 Year of Renewal Discord Event || (Stream .01)

Updated: Nov 1, 2023

Discord streaming all day today in the 7Bloodfire “Planning” channel! (Hello, friends!)

Today I’m working through Notion again, so a walk-through is still on the table. 💗 We can do small collaborations to show the full ability of the notion systems that inspired mine so you can grab a template or build your own.

If a New-Years Resolutions goal-setting event is more your flavor, that’s today’s Stream Theme!

Goal-setting, accountability, projects that support the goals, and task breakdowns... Full planner glory, in all its digital and/or paper formats! My Goal Setting & Resolutions are going to include setting more #author goals: (website overhaul, social media growth & workflow, writers’ dashboard stuff, and quick-entry systems, etc).

Remember that while you work on your own resolutions, consider the mental health side of planning: Don’t overload yourself, and ALWAYS praise ANY achievement, even if it is shy of the goal. There are 13 weeks per quarter, 4 quarters per year, and there is only one You. Even a single step is a success!

Any 7Bloodfire server members who want to pop over and do writing sprints with us instead, that’s more than fine! The fun is welcome!

I’ll be sharing some screenshots on

(P.S. . . . Please excuse the main part of my website being a mess. I'll be working on it for the next month or so as I build out admin tools on the back end, and later I'll reveal the currently "top secret" stuff to the public. Heheh.

See you there! And if you don't make it today, that's fine! I'll be streaming daily. Come by any time, though the Theme of the Day may change.

In the meantime, here's a lovely 12-hour lofi song to listen to from YouTube. It's been helping my anxiety and focus for about two days now. Very relaxing. (Link is here)

Hmm...I think this is actually my first blog post in way over a year. Yay, I'm becoming active again!!! I love this!!!

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