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Book Cover Design Service For Authors

Kingdom of Dragons Notebook Design - Pink Princess
Cover Design Services!

It has been several years since I took on any clients for cover design, but I've added the service to my site finally!

💞 Every order includes ebook + softcover + hardcover versions, plus the original version without text AND documentation of fonts used.

Other cover designers usually charge $150 to $300 for all three, if not more. I'm starting my prices at $65 instead (for the full set).

The illustration-style covers will be geared toward these genres: YA Fantasy, Romance, Syfy, Adventure, Horror, Thriller, and Paranormal. (There will be a few other cover genres also.)

💞 So how do you get your own book covers? They have their very own page in my shop. When you place one in your cart, there is a box for notes on what you want changed (as well as instructions for what all to include).  [Peruse the covers here.]  

For details regarding licensing and disclaimers, read Section 10 Licensing and Section 12 Premade and Custom Book Covers in my Policies and Disclaimers page.

Do you want to see an Art Edit walkthrough of one of the AI-generated covers that I include in my shop? Cuz many AI-generatd art pieces have huge anatomical issues, lol! Check that out here. You can just drag the play marker to different times in the video for a quicker view of it to see big changes that occurred throughout.

This video is styled as an art workflow AND ambient lofi musical video and showcases how I might be able to include an animated video for your book also! 💖 It has no words but has nice royalty-free no-attribution-required music from the YouTube Audio Library, and it uses only free elements from Canva for the animation, so even you wouldn't have to pay Canva or another artist for anything just to be able to use your own for sales purposes.

Anyway...AI art??? Aren't there problems with AI art?

No worries! It really depends on what art generator you're using. I was careful in selecting which one I would use so that all rights, titles, and interest to any pieces will be able to be transferred/sold to you without any copyright, property, or other ownership problems. You won't even have to give any attributions to the platform or to me (although referrals are amazing!)

As for possible worries over taking jobs away from other artists, I'm also an artist, heheh. So any purchases will be helping another artist and writer. I don't sell a lot of my art because I suck at marketing, but I do have videos on my YouTube channel and on Tiktok that show some of my art. Also, my bookmarks are handmade, and all my art prints are fully done by me, not even assisted or inspired by AI. I've done digital and other art for over 20 years.

💞 Want to see my latest projects? Check them out here:

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