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My Latest Projects!

Updated: Apr 1

I haven't published a book in a minute, right? Well, here's some of my latest projects!

  • Book Cover Design Service for Authors

  • Gearing up to plot a new series!

  • Creating incredible book cover designs in advance

  • Research & development + testing

  • Planner-mania!

  • New YouTube videos finally!

  • Random admin stuff


Kingdom of Dragons Notebook Design - Pink Princess
Cover Design Services!

It has been several years since I took on any clients for cover design, but I'm about to add the service to my site through my store and will be adding full sets of covers for cheap. Every order will include ebook + softcover + hardcover versions in one package, plus the original version without text AND documentation of fonts used. I'm going to be charging a lot less than many of the other graphic designers I've seen. The usual range is $150 to $300 for all three (if not more).

💞 Since I'm taking new clients, the first deigns will only be $65 for all three together (plus the extras I mentioned), and the covers will be mostly YA fantasy / romance / illustrated covers. So how do you get them? They are premade covers in my shop. You'll place one in your cart, and there is a prompt / note where you'll enter what you want changed. [Peruse the covers here.]

For details regarding licensing and disclaimers, read Section 10 Licensing and Section 12 Premade and Custom Book Covers in my Policies and Disclaimers page.

Purple lightning, bloodred clouds at dusk, a lone figure standing in a field of red grasses looking up at a crashed ship that is all sharp angles. It almost looks as if the earth beneath it is about to hurl it back into space.
An image that inspires my new series.


So, I can't give away too much about my new series yet, but I am confident every The Violet Curse fan will absolutely love it!

Right now, this image inspires some of the essence of it, (imagine the ship is a building instead).

The name of the series would go right along with the colors and emotions invoked by it!

In the new books, you'll see some crazy events to do with an ancient, cursed vampire race called the Leviathans, but you'll also get to meet another people. There is a huge mystery about someone getting murdered / going missing, and a monster that comes from the depths of their city after hundreds of hears of being locked away in darkness. This particular series is going to be directly linked to the larger Leviathans series. They even share a several characters!! How exciting! I'm talking about certain creatures and people that can live a long, long time. And curses and long-waged secret wars, and much more!

Why did I decide to write this series before finishing the Leviathans series?

Because I'm weird (sorry!). The Leviathans series really needs to have these books already written so some details can be fleshed out before I introduce certain characters. 💖

Expand this Note for updates!

3/25/24 - I had an awesome dream that led to fully fast-drafting another series book that will be under my future romance pen name! This one involves a stonemason's son, a scheming queen, a romantic triangle, and possibly some dragons. That idea is currently on hold. I've placed it in my Dreams notebook so I can return to it later to write it.

What else have I been up to?

Violet and purple - girl with black armor and red hair standing before a purple horizon, wind in her hair, cheeks flushed from the cold.
Inspiration for a character I have plotted for the new books!.


I jumped on the AI train and decided to see if there is a way to get stuff done quicker once I get deep into the writing/publishing process. I got a few pictures ready that are perfect for a side series and made mock-ups. Which inspires more books!!!

I love what AI can do. This is a whole vibe, isn't it?!

I have the perfect idea who this character is going to be! (Hint: She'll be someone in the new series I'm plotting!)

I've been working on other projects, too!


Part of this involves the AI stuff I just mentioned.

Other projects include:

  • Social Media Manager in Notion

  • R&D for free social media automation / scheduling

The Social Media Manager I built in Notion works really well, allowing me to schedule a lot of posts for up to a year. I'm giving that away for free. I have a blog about that here:

I made an extra Excel Spreadsheet that also helps. I haven't built that in Google Sheets yet to share, but I likely will, since I'll later be vlogging/blogging about it some more.

I have a lot more tools coming out that I'm using, too. I'll be offering some for free, and others I'll put online to sell.

What's the next list item? Oh, yeah!

Adobe InDesign Program is open to a new planner design for authors. Glyphs window and Paragraph windows are open for quick access to settings & symbols. The page that is open is for Plotting Sprints.
Designing a Writers' Planner in Adobe InDesign.


My goodness! I'm a nerd for workflows and efficiency. I'm almost done with the My Author Life book and series planners and workbooks, which will enable me to get through everything much more efficiently while allowing me to teach the Indie Author business to others who want to know more about other things Indie Authors need to know and do.

Once those are done, I'll be testing them out on my next books! I finally won't have to worry about other things getting in the way of writing anymore.

I tried creating a writer's program in Microsoft Excel, but I crashed the program by overloading it....I started over in JavaScript on Wix, and simple things would take three weeks to a month just to design, program, and troubleshoot. I got stuck on the tables issue and it currently a pending project that I may pay someone else to redesign/create for me much later in my author career.

Aside from that?

Screenshot of my youtube channel 7Bloodfire Art and Story, which can be visited by going to That channel has a lot of author tools, tips, and vlogs content.
A screenshot of my YouTube channel @7bloodfire


Exciting news! After a lengthy break, I'm back on YouTube. Thanks to some fantastic new tools I've created for author social media planning, I'm sharing walkthroughs and offering these tools for free via my IndieBiz Newsletter signup. It's liberating to possess the skills to craft what I require without any financial burden. Let's embrace these free author tools together! (I love free author tools.)

Subscribe to my 7Bloodfire YouTube channel to get the latest vlogs, tips, and other types of videos. (Click Here.)

I absolutely love this picture. Purple and black hair with asymmetrical cut and stacked back. Wearing green shirt. Headband with gold butterflies
A sticker of me! Isn't she cute??


Loads and loads of Admin stuff. A lot of it has to do with my links and social media and stuff. I need to go back and pull every blog's text to create more posts from all of it. (AI helps!!!)


My health has been a major, major issue for about a year now, but I always stay busy. Pray for me! I have a GoFundMe, if you're able to help out. Even a dollar would help a lot, lol.


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