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Trying AI for the First Time as an Author and Illustrator

Hey, there! Just stopped in to give an update on what I’ve been up to!

I know that AI has been on the scene for a bit now, and I’ve finally decided to test it and put it into good use in multiple areas of my own life and business.

I’ve you’ve played with AI a bit, then you know how difficult it is to get AI to do exactly what you want.

ChatGPT has been out for quite a bit, but I’m finding that it speeds up my creative process. As someone very prone to wordiness and circular thinking, ChatGPT has helped a lot to distill my thoughts.

I still write my own stories (and will continue to do so), but generating blurbs and ideas for inspiration is an incredible boost to my creative process.

I recently got an amazing piece of art with an AI generator that was perfect for a prospective series I want to complete. I have one book already in the prospective series that’s already written and needs to be edited and published, and I’ve already thought about writing a sequel to it. (The already-written book is currently free on Wattpad, and I hate its cover.

But the art that the AI generator made was incredible. It fit the genre and the feel of that book’s prospective series, and I knew I had to make more art that was similar to it for book cover designs in that series.

So . . . yeah. I’ve falling into another rabbit hole, but in the long run, I know I can save money and time in my art process.

From the art that was made, I thought, I need a book blurb to put on the back, and I wanna have some of these book covers ready to go in Canva.

I went to ChatGPT and typed in some stuff that sort of matched the series, asked it to give me a blurb—and then an hours-long process was cut into ten minutes. Those ten minutes included my going over the AI response and making edits to it. (The text was weirdly purple / flowery.)


Anyway . . .

ChatGPT and are the two AI that I am using now.

(Make sure you always read the terms of use, and always be aware of the possibility of infringement!) I recommend for text, just take the general idea and some of the sentences, but try to modify it to fit your own needs.

And a lot of the art that gets generated will have weird fingers, extra arms, crossed eyes, and even mutilated faces, BUT. As an artist, those are still gold, lol! A few edits, and you never knew there was something wrong.

I have found that with the AI art generator, the most difficult thing is to get the AI to repeat a style if you don't know what that style is called. That calls for extra research, lol.

Look at this cute little sticker thingy! (I had to edit it, but it's gorgeous!)




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