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Social Media Post Shortcut for Authors and Bloggers!

Updated: Mar 20

Hey, guys! I've been running some social media writing experiments on a $0 Budget of Madness, lol! And I LOVE the result!

I have begun to use free AI to expedite everything. I do use a paid plan for Notion, but the last I checked, you still can get 1000 blocks free. (The paid plan is relatively cheap, too.)

Anyway, for zero dollars, you can still do all of this for your blogs and other articles so you can drive traffic with less wasted energy and time.

To get started, I opened ChatGPT and an existing blog post. I copied the text from the blog to ChatGPT and asked for relevant hashtags, then created a prompt that would include those hashtags and generate twitter posts in a specific format so it could be transferred into a Notion database or into a CSV file for bulk uploads. The CSV file approach is a paid way to do it, but using the Social Media Post Manager I created in Notion, you can still schedule all your posts for free. I've made that Social Media Post Manager a free template on Notion. It includes instructions on how to fill it out and use it.

Honestly, it makes writing social media posts way, way quicker. And if I had the budget to pay for bulk uploads through a Social Media Manager service, I'd take full advantage of the CSV file ability this creates. Add in a couple of zaps from Zapier, and it gets even more automated!

I hope this inspires you!

Sign up for my newsletter for free access to that Notion template!

The welcome email will give you the link to my free resource library for authors. Click on that link. Next, open the "Free Notion Templates" folder. Select the Social Media Manager PDF to get the template link as well as a few initial tips on how to use it.

Go check out that Notion template if this interests you!

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