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Author Life Vlog on YouTube - Newest Posts!

Updated: Mar 24

As always, the decisions for what to do with my planners and stickers are chaotic, but I do have some really cute stuff and great ideas for how to get my life and my mind back on track!

Come watch the newest episodes of the My Author Life vlog!

Episodes will be released every Friday on my YouTube channel 7Bloodfire Art and Story.

In the vlog, I'm currently focusing on mental and physical health, and on productivity as an author who has internal and external extremes as I put my own health and life back together.

I love planners, so I'll be vlogging some of that. But I'll also do some artsy stuff and show some of my automated author tools. It's going to be a bit before I get back into writing again, but when I do, I plan to write several books and then rapid release them. Working over 60 hours a week means I'll have very limited time, so making the most of it (and making workflows) is extremely important to someone in this type of situation!) I hope I have some inspiring ideas and tools that are useful to you.

Come join me on YouTube! Or find me on TikTok for the shorter, cooler, sometimes funnier stuff!


Old Author Life Vlog Series Here


Episode 2: (topic pending) (pending date. . . )

Episode 3: (topic pending) (pending date. . . )

Episode 4: (topic pending) (pending date. . . )

Episode 5: (topic pending) (pending date. . . )

Episode 6: (topic pending) (pending date. . . )

Episode 7: (topic pending) (pending date. . . )

Episode 8: (topic pending) (pending date. . . )

Episode 9: (topic pending) (pending date. . . )

Episode 10: (topic pending) (pending date. . . )

Episode 11: (topic pending) (pending date. . . )

Episode 12: (topic pending) (pending date. . . )

Episode 13: (topic pending) (pending date. . . )

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