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Author Life Vlog on YouTube - 2023 Posts

Hey there,

Feeling a bit chaotic lately? You're not alone! Amidst the chaos, I've got some adorable planners, stickers, and fantastic ideas to share to help us all get back on track.

Catch the newest episodes of the My Author Life vlog on my YouTube channel, 7Bloodfire Art and Story.

Expect a mix of planner love, artsy vibes, and glimpses into my author toolbox.

Even though writing is on the horizon, my focus now is on setting the stage for some serious book releases down the line. With over 60 hours a week on my plate, maximizing my time and creating efficient workflows is key—and I want to share what works with you!

Join me on YouTube for longer insights or catch me on TikTok for quick, cool, and sometimes funny content. Here's what you've missed so far:



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