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GET MORE WRITING DONE || Editorial Calendars Improve Workflow, Edits & Brand Consistency

Updated: Nov 1, 2023

This is a tutorial for writers and artists who want to increase their productivity.

Editorial Calendars are crazy helpful because they centralize the workflow, improve consistency of brand and accuracy in the editing process, and also speed up the marketing process.

Every experienced writer has his or her own form of an Editorial Calendar. So be like them and go from rookie to pro with these tips!

On the YouTube page under the description, you'll find time stamps, along with their brief descriptions for easier navigation if you decide to create your own Editorial Calendar based on the extremely cool one I show you.

I cover topics like the free app / widget / web page that is used to make an Editorial Calendar, organized workflows for blog posts, book writing, video creation, the various stages of drafting and revision, multiple lists to cover different aspects of marketing, and template cards for auto-add features that erase the need to manually copy or type things.

I also talk about and show other time saving hacks and interesting ideas you can try to streamline and centralize your own processes and projects!

Click the image below to go to my YouTube page so you can watch!

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